Organic Beef Organs 160 Capsules
Organic Beef Organs 160 Capsules
Organic Beef Organs 160 Capsules
Organic Beef Organs 160 Capsules

Organic Beef Organs 160 Capsules

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Suggested use: 2 capsules twice a day before food.
  • Combining ancient wisdom with food science and health. 
  • Combination of the most valued beef organs used by traditional cultures for centuries.
  • GMO Free, no pesticides, no hormones, no antibiotics.
  • No fillers, no preservatives or additives.
  • Freeze dried to retain heat sensitive vitamins, minerals, cofactors, enzymes, bioavailable activators and peptides.
  • Nutritional superfoods combined to target 'like for like' organ health.

Organic, grass-fed, beef organs provide a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, peptides and enzymes to help nourish and heal damaged cells.

LIVER: the most widely used glandular supplement due to its vast number of vitamins and minerals. The liver is the chemical  factory of the body and feeding the liver can help when other approaches  have not been effective.  Grass Fed Liver provides critical nutrients to support a robust immune system, overall strength and athletic performance, energy, libido, and weight loss.

KIDNEY: tissue has historically been used by those with urinary tract disorders and since it is high in selenium and B12 is used for thyroid health while the DAO component is helpful for improved histamine and allergy management.

HEART: used by people with low blood pressure, overwhelming fatigue, people who need strength, people who feel cold, and athletes interested in improving performance.   It is normally best not to take heart extract late in the day (breakfast and lunchtime is best), as any heart glandular support product can affect sleep if taken late in the day.  Heart extract tends to show its benefits rather quickly (within a week or two for most people) and is also used  as an aid in glucose uptake and the manufacture of adenosine triphosphate (ATP the tiny “batteries” that our bodies use to store and move energy). 

PANCREAS: instrumental in the regulation of blood sugar and one of the most important organs related to a healthy digestive system. The pancreas produces trypsin and is operational in intermediate protein metabolism. Bovine pancreas is often used to assist in the digestion of foods.

SPLEEN: historically taken by people with allergic reactions (hives, canker sores, cold blisters), lymph node swelling, blood concerns (anaemia, lymphocytosis), demineralisation accompanied by hyper-irritability, as well as those with lowered resistance to infections and boils.
 It has also been suggested that bovine spleen may aid in the elimination of allergic breakouts.



Consuming glandulars helps directly supply enzymes. Enzymes are biological catalysts that encourage metabolic, catabolic, and digestive processes in the body.  They help rebuild and detoxify.  Enzymes tend to be specific, such as eye enzymes tend to help the eyes, but are ignored in the ear. Enzymes help the respective organs they are involved with function better.  

Along with enzymes, glandulars contain nutritional peptides and substances believed to be hormone precursors. Although some believe that oral consumption of dried glandulars is no different than consuming any other protein-containing food, this belief appears to be based on the fact that the stomach breaks down proteins into their constituent amino acids and that there is no benefit from consuming foods containing specific peptides. However, this belief ignores the fact that some ingested protein is not broken down into its constituent amino acids.

Evidence suggests that with oral consumption of glandular extracts, a small percentage (5-10%) of their peptides are not broken down but are available intact for absorption in the small intestine.  A small amount of these absorbed peptides then circulate and some of them appear to assist the human body (especially when in poor health) in performing various anabolic and catabolic processes.







Freeze-dried, grass-fed

  • Beef liver 400mg
  • Heart 400mg
  • Kidney 400mg
  • Pancreas 400mg
  • Spleen 400mg
  • Gelatin capsule
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