My philoSophie: saturated fat is where it's at! 

I have been selling natural skincare products online since 2003, but after developing Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and researching it in 2016, I discovered how pervasive and harmful polyunsaturated oils are and immediately decided all the pufa-laden products had to go.  

Once you know something you can’t un-know it and I couldn’t in good conscience continue to offer them to my customers.

Then I found there was nothing to replace them with, so I had to create my own.   

My mission is to bring you only the healthiest products, and I hope in time to be able to feature other low/no pufa skincare products alongside my own.


It's not possible to stock every product that I would like to, so recommending them for purchase elsewhere is the next best thing. 

I use many of them myself, and in instances where I don't, you can rest assured that I have checked out the ingredients to ensure they don't contain any nasties. 

My customers' trust in the Absolutely Pure ethos is of paramount importance and I don't feature any products that I wouldn't use myself or recommend to family and friends.


My Recommendations

Low PUFA Aromatherapy Balms & Essential Oils

Low PUFA Natural & Organic Deodorants

No PUFA Face Masks

Health Books

Healthy Hair Styling Products

Healthy Cooking Fats


Natural, Organic Shampoo & Conditioner

The best way to use PUFA - burn it!

Fitness Equipment

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