No & Low PUFA, Natural and Organic Oral Care.  

No Synthetic Flavours.  No Fluoride.  No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  No Titanium Dioxide.


"I got this product recommended from my Australian friend. Her husband used the special oil blend for 2 weeks religiously and he avoided to have a root canal done. My friend also recommended that I use for my teeth which was very painful and had a fistula which was coming and going. After using the oil after every meal and the Shine powder once a day. A few weeks later all is gone and I postponed my operation . I am hoping it stays this way and the fistula will not come back which was confirmed that it’s originated from a gum issue. It has amazing smell and taste and I do not want to use any other toothpaste now. Thank you Orawellness and Absolutely Pure for the great experience. Very grateful and will order again. Much love from Turkiye." Adriana


"Fantastic Product.  This is a brilliant tooth powder. It uses hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride and has no nasty chemicals. It leaves a fresh feeling and the pack lasts for ages."  Ellina