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No more starvation, fasting, or exhaustion and struggling to stay healthy and look good. 
Learn how to work with your own physiology to achieve real and lasting health. 
This book is an autobiographical journey through devastating illness and return to health which resulted in unique and unmatched insights into the workings of the human body, the origins of disease, and real and accessible solutions to the health problems that plague modern society.




The Zen Beach Diet is a detailed guide of Kristy Alford’s experiences with the Dr Ray Peat style of eating.

After eating low carb/keto for 10 years and realising it was no longer working due to weight coming back on as well as feeling cold all the time and hair starting to fall out, Kristy sought further answers.

After finding the work of Dr Ray Peat and researching, experimenting and eating this way for over three years, Kristy has finally found the calorie level, balance of macros and types of food to maximise her health, metabolism and finally reach the weight loss goal she desired.

Now she is helping hundreds of other women to do the same!  The book includes information, food guides, a how to build your own meal plan formula as well as a 7-day meal plan and new recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Beautifully photographed by her husband and professional photographer Adrian Alford, it features a stunning collection of beaches from around the world.

Enjoy the amazing view as you learn how to finally get your health and weight on track and into the Zen Beach vibe.



Kristy Alford has been eating according to Dr Ray Peat principles for about three years and has successfully increased her body temperature, metabolism and cleared all of her hypothyroidism symptoms caused by a low carb/keto diet.

Central to that success is the use of fruit and sugar correctly as a main carbohydrate source, and this book is a small collection of beautiful dessert recipes that she has created.

It features puddings, cakes, a parfait, ice cream, custard and more. There are just over twenty recipes and is spectacularly photographed by her husband, Adrian Alford, bringing the dessert creations to life.

There are also snippets of information and stories of finding the right ingredients when just sticking everything together with nuts is no longer favoured.



Why it’s great:

  • only 10 minutes of light weights a day building to medium weights
  • clearly explains why this method works for muscle tone
  • 30 day planner of exercises
  • pictures showing each exercise 
  • explains why cardio may be damaging your health
  • explains the link between the right exercise and weight loss, and how we’ve been doing it wrong 
  • song playlist to make it fun 
  • suitable for beginners









The loose skin solution in Kristy's new book has never been seen before. You’ve heard all the crazy ways out there to tighten loose skin – wraps, special creams, rub egg whites on yourself, skin brushing, exercise, weight training – the list goes on and on.

Let me just get one thing clear – this book is not about wraps.

It’s something much more sensible, practical, actionable and once you read the book and know what it is, you can start Part 1 immediately, right now. No further purchase required. No equipment required. Nothing. Just you; with a bit of determination and consistent, persistent, easy action.








Lemon Coffee weight loss was a Tik Tok viral hit that author Kristy Alford came across by accident. She was drinking lemon tea while recovering from a cold and wondered if anyone had tried lemon in coffee. Kabango!! They sure had!

Kristy spent the last 6 months drinking it and looking further into it’s benefits, from a pro metabolic health point of view. 

Kristy follows a pro metabolic lifestyle inspired by the work of Dr Ray Peat and is the author of six other books. Her last four books focus on this pro metabolic diet and lifestyle including the best selling book: The ZEN Beach Diet. 

Over the past 5 years she has assisted thousands of women to lose weight and get their health and hormones on track.

Kristy says, “bottom line - Lemon Coffee DOES actually work. It especially loses weight around the mid section/belly by improving liver function and many more processes in the body. I’m so impressed, I’ll be drinking my coffee like this ongoing.” 

When looking into other’s experience with Lemon Coffee, she found people were approaching all wrong, using the usual stress based weight loss methods, which can never last long term. 

In this book, Lemon Coffee plus Pro Metabolic Diet - Weight Loss Dynamite, you will learn:

· A new way to have Lemon Coffee that tastes better & still works

· When to have it for optimal health and weight loss

· All the ways coffee, lemon and ginger benefit your health and weight loss

· An easy introduction to a pro metabolic diet

· How to structure a meal plan

· Meal suggestions

· A handful of her favourite meat & fruit recipes

· Kristy shares her experience with Lemon Coffee and what to watch out for on the way

While all of Kristy Alford’s books are visually stunning thanks to her photographer husband Adrian, this one is the most spectacular so far. It’s a visual delight that just makes you feel good, while you’re learning about the magic of Lemon Coffee.