100% Natural. Made from edible ingredients.
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Are you sceptical of scientific claims for skin care products?  Then you've landed at the right place!
I advocate the use of food-like skincare products because healthy-eating principles apply to skincare too; replace vegetable and seed oils that stress and prematurely age your skin due to their high PUFA content, for good quality, stable oils that are high in saturated fat. 
On this site you'll find my small range that provides everything skin needs to thrive. These organic and natural beauty products are hand-made from edible ingredients in small batches to ensure maximum freshness.
They contain no water, emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial fragrances, synthetic colours - or any other nasties.  
"The polyunsaturated oils from seeds are recommended for use in paints and varnishes, but skin contact with these substances should be avoided."  Ray Peat PhD                                                               



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