Recommended Sites

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East West Healing: Revolutionising nutrition for thyroid health.

The Nutrition Coach:  Australian nutritionist inspired by, and putting into practice the research of Ray Peat Ph.D

Slim Birdy: Weight loss, easy wholefood recipes, Ray Peat inspired

Honestly KarenKaren's journey from low carb hell to wellness

Kate Deering: How to heal your metabolism.

Jay FeldmanHealth researcher and coach

Alex Fergus: Helping people look and feel amazing

Scott Schlegel: Ideas for achieving mental, spiritual and physical health. 

Resonant FMResearching light, nutrition, and supplements

Cows Eat Grass Anti-dogma blog.

F*ck Portion ControlMaking the human condition a little easier.

Fatigue RecoveryThe degenerative processes are caused by defects in our environment

Vintage TraditionTallow balm in the USA

Red Light ManPhotobiomodulation therapy.

Freedom United: One voice against modern slavery

Anti-Slavery: Today's fight for tomorrow's freedom

Terracycle: Recycle everything