Earth's Beauty Shea & Aloe Lipstick

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Lipstick can help you put a beautiful finishing touch on any makeup look, but unfortunately the synthetic additives found in mainstream lip colours can inflame and irritate the lip area.

Earth’s Beauty Shea & Aloe Lipstick is a 100% natural alternative to petrochemical-laden lipsticks and uses iron oxides and mica in place of artificial dyes and colourants.

Enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E and shea butter which helps to soothe irritation, and moisturises and protects the delicate lip tissue.

Available in 9 shades

Summer Quartz… natural pink (Soft Wine lip pencil)
Pink Garnet… vivid pink (Rose Wine lip pencil)
Rose Diamond… very light pink (Soft Wine lip pencil)
Mandarin Coral… light coral (Pearl Mango lip pencil)
Desert Rose Sapphire… warm rose (Rose Wine lip pencil)
Sedona Rock… brown coral (Pearl Mango lip pencil)
Autumn Jasper… brown rust (Pearl Mango lip pencil)
Ruby… pink wine (Berry Wine lip pencil)
Berry Garnet… deep wine (Berry Wine lip pencil)

Castor oil, shea butter, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, tocopherol (vitamin E), iron oxides, mica, aloe vera extract. Vegan.

Summer Quartz and Pink Garnet contain carmine and are therefore not vegan.


*Sample sizes are packaged in small zip-lock bags and several fit into an envelope, so they only cost £3.00 to post.

The cost of posting one or several full-size lipsticks is £10.85.

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