New Zealand Beef Liver 180 Capsules
New Zealand Beef Liver 180 CapsulesNew Zealand Beef Liver 180 CapsulesNew Zealand Beef Liver 180 Capsules

New Zealand Beef Liver 180 Capsules

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Organ meat is a nutritional powerhouse with liver being the most popular.  For full nutritional benefit, consider supplementing with other organs occasionally, for nose-to-tail eating like our ancestors.

Suggested use: 1 - 5 capsules per day 

  • No fillers or flow agents, just beef liver in a gelatin capsule (freeze-dried, not desiccated)
  • From free-range, grass-fed cattle reared without antibiotics or hormone growth promoters
  • Minimally processed and un-defatted for maximum nutrient density
  • Liver is considered a super-food as it acts as a storage depot for vitamins and minerals


New Zealand Beef Liver FAQ

Why Liver is So Healthy for You

Liver is a nutrient-dense protein that was valued for centuries in traditional cultures for its life-giving properties. Nowadays, most of us don’t eat organ meats, but we should! 

Gram for gram, liver is probably more nutritious than any other food, a superfood that acts as a storage depot for vitamins and minerals. Liver is more nutrient-dense than muscle meats and many vegetables, and doesn’t have any antinutrients or inflammatory properties. 

Nutrients found in beef liver include: A, C, D, E, K; B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12; calcium, copper, fluoride, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, CoQ10, betaine, and choline. These nutrients provide many specific benefits:

  • Choline: essential for healthy liver and brain function.
  • Copper: supports the activation of enzymes, which then help regulate energy production, iron metabolism and brain function. 
  • Vitamin A: supports normal vision, reproduction and kidney, heart and immune function.
  • Riboflavin (B2): crucial for breaking down food components, absorbing other nutrients, and maintaining tissues. 
  • Folate (B9): supports cell growth and the formation of DNA. As humans cannot make folate, it is required from the diet, making it an essential vitamin. 
  • Heme iron: the most easily absorbed type of iron that helps carry oxygen around the body.
  • Thiamine (B1), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic acid (B5), Pyroxidine (B6) and Biotin (B7). Though each of these vitamins have unique functions, they generally help your body produce energy and make important molecules in your cells.

Liver also contains a high amount of cobalamin or Vitamin B12.

B12 is only found in animal foods like meat, eggs, and dairy. Plant forms contain a B12 analog that is not bioavailable to the human body.

Because liver contains so many nutrients, it helps to support diverse body functions, including metabolism, immune system, skin, eyes, fertility, and mental health. In addition to being so nutrient dense, eating liver helps with body detoxification. Its high iron content helps prevent anemia, and the vitamin A in liver helps to fight inflammation. Liver can boost energy levels by supporting your mitochondria, which is the part of your cells responsible for energy production. Liver is also a great source of all the essential B vitamins which can improve brain function by fighting brain fog and helping various neurological processes.


How to Cook and Eat Liver

With so many amazing health benefits, you might wonder why eating liver has fallen out of fashion. The answer is that some people do not like the taste of beef liver and other organ meats. However, more people are beginning to recognize the benefits of these nutrient dense superfoods because they are so integral to the Paleo, Primal, Weston A. Price, Sally Fallon, and Whole30 diets. 

Liver can taste great in pate, liverwurst, fried (and properly seasoned) or even ground and added to meatballs! If you are looking get creative with your cooking, of simply trying to add liver to your diet and have it taste good, check out this great list of paleo liver recipes


Grass-Fed New Zealand Beef Liver Capsules – A Great Alternative to Cooked Liver

Whether you have tried cooking liver and cannot stomach it, or you just want to supplement your diet with liver for its amazing health benefits, freeze-dried liver capsules may be a good fit for you. Capsules provide the nutritional benefits of consuming beef liver without what some people find to be the bitter, metallic, or unpleasant taste of whole liver. Taking liver in capsule form is also more convenient than preparing cooked liver regularly. 

Absolutely Pure’s New Zealand Beef Liver Capsules are derived from the organs of grass-fed cows. They contain minimally processed, un-defatted, freeze-dried liver encapsulated for convenience, health and taste. Absolutely Pure Beef Liver comes from a pristine UK & EU approved farm source in New Zealand, a country that is internationally recognised as BSE-free. The cattle are reared as nature intended, without the use of growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics and are free to roam on pesticide-free grass pastures. New Zealand is like Scotland in that there are plenty of hills and lowland pastures where crops can't be grown, so the most productive use of the land is free-range pasture.   

Quality beef liver that comes from grass-fed, pastured cows is the healthiest. Animals raised on factory farms generally do not have healthy organs. These animals are fed processed diets, given antibiotics and growth hormones, and confined without access to pasture. Grass-fed pastured animals are better from both an ethical and health perspective. 

In addition to having a source farm with healthy, pastured animals, our liver is minimally processed and un defatted for maximum nutrient density. Our New Zealand Beef Liver Capsules contain no fillers or flow agents, just beef liver in a gelatin capsule (freeze-dried, not desiccated). Desiccation can refer to several types of drying processes. Desiccation can mean heat-dried, which destroys some of the nutritional content of the liver. For this reason, we have carefully selected a supplier who freeze-dries, rather than desiccates liver, to ensure the maximum nutrient-density for our customers.  When freeze-drying the macronutrients are also concentrated. When liver is freeze-dried, the molecules in carbohydrates and fats bond and micronutrients stay mostly intact. 


Who Can Take New Zealand Beef Liver Capsules?

Technically a food, not a supplement, beef liver capsules are suitable for everyone. Liver is very safe for breastfeeding mothers and contains many beneficial nutrients. Liver is generally safe to eat during pregnancy in moderation. If you are pregnant, always check with your healthcare provider to determine the best amount to take.  
Children 12 and over can follow adult serving sizes, and younger children at the parent's discretion




Un-defatted, freeze-dried beef liver in a beef gelatin capsule. Nothing else.

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Always excellent
Monday, 11 April 2022  | 

I stopped taking these and my hair is a mess.
Just coming on to order more.
Great company. Great service always

Quality Beef Liver
Wednesday, 16 February 2022  | 

Seems to be helping energy levels. Taking to increase iron and copper levels. Seems like good quality and reliable company.

Monday, 20 December 2021  | 

Great quality beef liver capsules. Very pleased and will keep re ordering.

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