Sites I Like

East West Healing   Revolutionising nutrition for thyroid health.

The Nutrition Coach  Australian nutritionist inspired by, and putting into practice the research of Ray Peat Ph.D

Slim Birdy Weight loss, easy wholefood recipes, Ray Peat inspired

Honestly Karen Karen's journey from low carb hell to wellness

Kate Deering How to heal your metabolism.

Jay Feldman Health researcher and coach

Alex Fergus Helping people look and feel amazing

Scott Schlegel Ideas for achieving mental, spiritual and physical health. 

Resonant FM Researching light, nutrition, and supplements

Cows Eat Grass  Anti-dogma blog.

F*ck Portion Control Making the human condition a little easier.

Fatigue Recovery The degenerative processes are caused by defects in our environment

Selfhacked  Giving people the information and tools they need to upgrade/heal themselves, as affordably as possible.

SelfTestable Feeling better through biomarkers

Vintage Tradition Tallow balm in the USA

Red Light Man Photobiomodulation therapy.

Freedom United One voice against modern slavery

Anti-Slavery Today's fight for tomorrow's freedom

Terracycle Recycle everything with Terracycle

Clare Basham Designs  Clay miniatures and cake-top sculptures that capture personalities perfectly.