UNICA Pura Rose 100ml - Absolutely Pure

UNICA Pura Rose 100ml

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The heavenly scent of rose...

Pure organic floral water obtained by gentle steam distillation of rose petals is all you need to tone, refresh and add moisture to your skin. Totally alcohol free. 

Pura Rose leaves your skin feeling beautifully refreshed and rehydrated. Great for use any time throughout the day to uplift both skin and mind.

Pura Toners can also be used to dampen your skin before applying any creams or face oils. This has two advantages: your skin will absorb even more moisture and your moisturizer will last longer as you will need to apply less of it.

Suitable for all skin types, even the very sensitive and eczema-prone. Totally alcohol free so it won't dry the skin.

USE: Lightly spritz over face and neck after cleansing and allow to dry naturally.

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