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Unica For Mankind 50ml

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For Mankind is just what the name suggests: a blend of the most pure and gentle organic cold pressed oils and nothing else. No water, preservative or emulsifier. Only 100% natural ingredients, so versatile that you won't need much else to care for your skin and the skin of your family.

This sweet orange-scented blend can be applied to face, hands and body, is suitable for very sensitive and eczema prone skin, skin damaged by sun exposure and radiotherapy. Also perfect as after sun. 

Naturissima for mankind has a rich luxurious feel, leaving even the most demanding skin feeling smooth, soft and nourished. It will feel a bit different from your usual moisturiser at first because it does not contain water, and is therefore highly concentrated. You just need to apply a really small amount. For a silky lighter feel, apply on damp skin - Unica's Pura is perfect for this.