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So Pure: Activated Charcoal Facial Detox 50g

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This water activated facial treatment can be used on all skin conditions.Contains activated Charcoal which is super absorbent whilst being gentle and soothing. It absorbs environmental toxins from deep inside the skin since it’s extremely porous and has a very high absorbing capacity 
without stripping the skin. It is beneficial for all skin types as a weekly detox. Excellent to use more frequently during hot weather to keep the skin clean and blemish free and ideal for oily/combination skin.

Actives and benefits:
Sandalwood powder has the same balancing and antimicrobial properties as Sandalwood Essential Oil as well as being an excellent exfoliater. This makes it beneficial for both dry, ageing and oilier skins due to its conditioning and astringent properties. This facial allows you to manually exfoliate without any abrasion. It is also ideal for helping to treat skin infections and eczema as well as blackheads. May also help reduce the effects of skin tanning, blotching and minimise pigmentation. Activated charcoal is an absorbent and powerful detoxifier which attracts environmental pollutants and toxins prone to accumulate in the skin ie: chemical residues from cosmetics and toxins excreted through the skin such as sweat. It cleans the pores which may be subjected to urban pollution, as well as the skin of smokers. Great to use during hot weather when skin appears more sticky, oilier or sweaty. The antioxidants in the raw cacao powder contain polyphenols. These specific polyphenols found in Cacao Powder are the same antioxidants that you’ll find in grapes which makes it beneficial once applied to the skin. Eucalyptus oil provides a refreshing aroma as well as being an effective decongestant and a skin healer.

Directions: Mix about a tsp of the powder with a few drops of water or Radiance Flower Nectar to create a thin paste. Apply to the skin and let it sit for just a few minutes (remove as soon as it's dry) before removing with a warm wet wash cloth. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Ideally use during your shower or bath. Advisory: Can stain clothes, carpets linens etc. Please keep the product dry. Should last about 3 months if used weekly. Spatula provided. Ideal for travel.