Josh & Jeanne Rubin • Saturated Fact: A Closer Look at

Josh & Jeanne Rubin • Saturated Fact: A Closer Look at "Healthy Fats" and the Truth about Saturated Fat

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Put Down Your Fork and Read This First!

What if everything you thought you knew about fat was wrong? If you’ve had your pulse on the world of health for any length of time, it’s very likely that you’ve picked up some misinformation…misinformation that could be driving you to put on weight and even increase disease risk factors, including the risk for heart disease. The days of low-fat and non-fat are over. And replacing butter with vegetable oil? Never again! It’s time for saturated fat to take its place back on the plates of health-minded eaters, and that’s where Saturated Fact comes in. This revolutionary book will change the way you think about fat forever.

Fat and Cholesterol Conspiracy

Doctors, dieticians, and even giant government-funded organizations have been pushing a low-fat protocol for many decades now. But did you know that this agenda was based on one rather dubious study? With Saturated Fact, you’ll discover the real cause of elevated cholesterol. (Hint: it’s not saturated fat!) Learn how the body works and what you really need to be eating to stay healthy and avoid diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Eat Like Your Ancestors

Why is it that our society today, with all its advances, is plagued with these so-called “modern diseases?” Authors Josh and Jeanne Rubin argue that the answer is on our plates. In addition to the scientific evidence in favor of eating more saturated fat, there also exist countless studies of traditional populations around the globe who manage to stay disease-free while eating enormous amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat. Heart disease, cancer, dementia, diabetes, and obesity are virtually unknown in these societies. With Saturated Fact, you’ll be in on their secrets so you too can enjoy abundant health and a long life.

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