Paleo from A to Z: A reference guide to better health through nutrition and lifestyle. How to eat, live and thrive as nature intended!

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Author: Darryl Edwards

Brand: Explorer Publishing

Edition: 1

ISBN: 0993329802

Number Of Pages: 330

Details: Looking for answers to your questions about Paleo living? Look no further! This Paleo encyclopaedia makes it easy to learn how to achieve better health by reducing the impact of foods and practices that didn't exist before the dawn of agriculture. Written in jargon-free language, Paleo from A to Z lists over 500 alphabetized topics and incorporates a simple cross-referencing system that links related subjects together--so you can find the answers to your questions quickly and easily. Not only does this handy guide provide you with the information you need to achieve better health through nutrition and lifestyle, it will also motivate you to stay on your journey to improved well-being with practical tips, tricks, and trivia. Topics covered in Paleo from A to Z include: What foods to enjoy and avoid for a healthy Paleo diet Toxic chemicals to dodge in your food, on your skin, and in your home The role of inflammation in your body Simple tips to improve sleep, reduce stress, and regain vitality Whether you're new to Paleo living or you're an experienced practitioner, this is your go-to guide for living the healthy lifestyle that nature intended."