HEALTH LEADS Lugol's Iodine Solution 12% 30ml

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Health Leads makes Lugol's solution according to Dr Hulda Clark's recipe, which contains 44g iodine and 88g iodide in 1000ml of distilled water. This equals a 12% solution.

What's in Health Leads original Lugol's

Per drop: 5.3mg of iodide and 2.7mg of iodine

Per millilitre (ml): 80mg of iodide and 40mg of iodine.

* Calculation is approximate (15 drops per ml). If an exact measurement is required plan on a deviation factor of + / - 2%.

The history of iodine and Lugol's

Jean Francois Coindet (1774-1834) was the first to use iodine for medicinal use.

Lugol's was first made by French physician J G A Lugol in 1829. Dr Lugol researched substances that could help treat infections and found that iodine could be used and showed promise in this field.


How the original Lugol's Iodine Solution was made by Dr Lugol

This Lugol's Iodine consists of 5g of iodine and 10g of iodide in 85ml of distilled water. 

For interactions with medication, medical conditions and for dosages please contact your Medical Practitioner and do not self treat.

Caution: Renal patients.

Lugol's High strength (5% iodine; 7% Potassium iodide content)

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