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DANNY RODDY Hair Like a Fox: A Bioenergetic View of Pattern Hair Loss

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The Current View of Pattern Hair Loss is Incoherent While it is often stated with great confidence that pattern baldness is the result of defective genes and "male" androgenic hormones (e.g., dihydrotestosterone or DHT), the theory is physiologically unsound. In fact, after 60 years of research the "genetic-androgen" doctrine has produced a single FDA-approved "therapy" that works less than 50% the time and can result in permanent chemical castration (Minoxidil is a nonstarter for many men and women).

The Future Isn't Bright Because The Theory is Wrong While resources for those interested in pattern baldness are few and far between, Ralph M. Trueb and Desmond Tobin’s 2010 book, Aging Hair, provides, in my opinion, a relevant counter point to the ideas presented in this book. However, the future doesn’t appear to be bright, as the two state: "Mainly because the pathogenesis mechanisms of androgenic alopecia are not fully understood, the treatments available are limited and vary in effectiveness..." - Aging Hair (2010)

Re-evaluating The Foundations of Pattern Hair Loss In contrast, castrates and pseudohermaphrodites--who serve as the foundation for all baldness research--are protected from baldness 100% of the time. What gives? Standing on the shoulders of giants (e.g., Otto Warburg, Albert Szent-Györgyi, Gilbert Ling, Ray Peat and others), HAIR LIKE A FOX sets up an alternative 'bioenergetic model' of pattern hair loss with a focus on the smallest unit of life, the cell. This same context elucidates simple yet effective therapies for halting and perhaps reversing pattern hair loss in a way that harmonizes with our unique physiology.