Suggested serving: 2 - 4 capsules per day.

Pure Nutrition is just un-defatted, grass-fed Icelandic lamb liver, which is a nutritional powerhouse and outstanding natural source of many of the most important vitamins.

It contains a large amount of B vitamins, which are essential for normal metabolism and energy production and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Rich in vitamin A, it promotes normal iron metabolism, healthy skin and normal vision. It also contains a high level of copper, which gives normal colour to hair and skin and protects your cells against oxidative stress.

Pure Nutrition is a superb addition to a normal modern diet, especially for those who might lack nutrients in their diet and for people under any kind of stress.

This product is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a whole-food source of nutrients.

Pure Natura takes precious ingredients that are little used for human food in Iceland today and turns them into valuable supplements. They carefully select the organs and glands for their products, so that they always come from the purest 100% grass fed lambs raised without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.

The raw materials are desiccated without excessive heat, powdered, blended and capsuled. That makes it easy to use as a nutritional supplement with normal diet or as an addition to special diets such as raw foods.

Lambs bred in Iceland are 100% grass fed, they are never fed any grain or hay. The only feed they get is their mothers milk, grass and herbs, which they choose and pick themselves in the highlands. They have endless space to move around, rest and enjoy the sun, the clear water and the clean air and choose from various sorts of grasses grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil. This results in very robust and healthy animals.

It can undoubtedly be said that there are not many places in the world where it is possible to get livestock products from animals that are bred in such good conditions. They can literally be classified as wild game.

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100% Icelandic wild-roaming desiccated lamb liver in a methylcellulose capsule.

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Lamb Liver

Great product - I have no doubt about the quality. You won't get better than Grassfed Icelandic Lambs. Have tried opening tablets and adding to food and there is no unpleasant taste or smell (very light taste only) which proves product quality and freshness. Only downside is that the price is quite high for the number of capsules provided, considering liver is classed as offal.

Pure Natura does produce top quality food supplements, but unfortunately labour and transport costs are high in Iceland which is reflected in the price of the products.

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