HEALTH LEADS Diatomaceous Earth 90 Capsules

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Health Leads food-grade diatomaceous earth is an amazing natural product from the purest fresh-water source.  

Diatomaceous earth is also known as DE, fossil shell flour, diatomite and kieselgur.

This fine powder is made up of the fossilized microscopic skeletal remains of hard-shelled, plant-like algae called diatoms.  

This algae has been part of the Earth's ecology from the beginning of its history.  

This diatomaceous earth is a natural product and is not calcined or flux calcined.

Not all food grade DE is the same.  

The shape of the diatoms is very important, they should be tubular with holes in the centre of the walls.  

Also the DE should be from a fresh water source as this forms a harder and sharper shell compared to a salt water source DE.  

Other food grade DE can contain higher amounts of sediment and clay, making the fossil shell flour a gray to brown colour.  

Health Leads food-grade deposits have been analyzed and we are satisfied that this is the purest form of fresh water DE available.

As you look at the photograph to the left you will see that the fossil shell flour is tubular with tiny perforations in the walls.  

When these millions of microscopic particles move through the stomach and digestive system they absorb and attract bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides and other pathogens.

Also during this process larger parasites are cut or scratched by the hard and sharp DE, which dehydrates and kills them.

As mentioned, diatomaceous earth is very hard and sharp.  

On the hardness scale, diamonds are 9. Diatomaceous earth is 7.

This is really important because when these millions of tiny hard and sharp tubular fossil shell flour particles pass through the intestines they help scrub the walls, helping to keep the bowel clean.