BEEF LIVER 180 Capsules


  • No fillers or flow agents, just beef liver in a gelatin capsule
  • From free-range, grass-fed cattle reared without antibiotics or hormone growth promoters
  • Minimally processed and un-defatted for maximum nutrient density 
  • Absolutely Pure is one of only two certified brands that are legally allowed to supply un-defatted desiccated liver for sale within the UK and Europe.*

  • Per capsule: 600mg of 100% beef liver  
    Whole food equivalent : 2.53g
    Suggested use: 1 - 5 capsules per day


    Absolutely Pure Desiccated Beef Liver comes from a pristine farm source in New Zealand that is EU approved and internationally recognised as BSE-free.

    The cattle are reared as nature intended, without the use of growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics and are free to roam on pesticide-free grass pastures.**

    The livers are desiccated in New Zealand for delivery to our small, specialist manufacturer in the UK where they are carefully encapsulated in gelatin using low temperature methods - without fillers and flow-agents - to preserve their raw nutritional value. 

    Liver is considered a super-food as it acts as a storage depot for vitamins, minerals and glycogen.

    It provides a concentrated source of proteins, peptides, enzymes and powerful nutrients such as vitamins A, D, K and E, B12, CoQ10, selenium, zinc, riboflavin, copper, folate, choline and bio-available heme iron.

    Un-defatted liver provides whole-food nutrition that supports healthy hair, skin and nails, collagen and protein metabolism, energy levels, digestion, heart health, brain function and more.


    *Un-defatted desiccated liver capsules from South America and USA are banned in Europe.  They are not manufactured in EU approved facilities and do not have the required health and veterinarian certificates to allow them to gain entry at BIPs (Border Inspection Posts).  You run the risk of having them confiscated if you purchase from overseas vendors.

    **New Zealand has plenty of hills and lowland pastures where crops can't be grown, so the most productive use of the land is to grow cattle, and as grass is free to grow, it doesn’t make sense to pay for agri-chemicals to treat that grassland, nor is there any need to do so. 

    (GMOs are illegal in New Zealand).


    Un-defatted, desiccated beef liver in a beef gelatin capsule.  Nothing else.






    (Incorrect spelling, but also used as a search term: dessicated liver)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Very fast shipping. Amazing product!

    I was very pleased to find high quality liver supplement in Europe. The capsules are easy to swallow and I have already seen better energy levels. Hopefully this means I will see higher ferritin levels. Very fast shipping. Thank you.

    Great quality

    Glad I found this good quality product. Not taking it long enough to see difference, but very hopeful...! Delivered promptly, product as described. Thanks.

    Good supplement

    All good fats, vitamins and minerals in beef liver without the hassle of having to cook it. I don't think they are a necessary daily intake, though. Two pills three or four times a week will suffice. Good quality product.


    Great Service and awesome product!

    Great company

    New liver capsules. Seem good. Great packaging...who doesn’t like a bit of spotty cow in your supplement drawer?
    However, the real bonus is this company.
    So on the ball, helpful ( even when I surprise myself with my stupidity ) and do you what?
    It’s just nice to deal with a company that works...
    Great customer service, efficient and a pleasure to use.
    Thank you!

    Great product

    I am taking these as part of the root cause protocol and am beginning to see signs of improved health. Excellent customer service.

    Excellent service and prompt delivery

    Excellent purchase. Very satisfied with the capsules which are easy to take. The ordering was a piece of cake and the service was great. I was kept up to date about the progress of my order at every stage. The postage was very quick and best of all, FREE. Will order again. I ordered 6 bottles this time around and highly recommend to everyone. Thank you Absolutely Pure.

    Great Liver Capsules in the UK

    It’s great to find these for sale in the U.K. I’ve been using them along with a Root Cause Protocol and I think they’re helping.

    No taste and I’ve even opened a capsule and got some into my kid’s pasta sauce.

    Excellent product

    Searched high and wide for the best liver supplement in the uk and this product fits that bill. Excellent quality and service.

    Great product!

    These tablets provide a great supplement to my diet. Easy to swallow with no taste, perfect. I have felt a difference in my health since taking this product.

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