Bass/POH Toothbrush

Bass/POH Toothbrush

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If a toothbrush handle is very large, then too much pressure is easily applied and has the possibility of damaging delicate gum tissue.

A bulky handle limits the dexterity and control required to effectively clean teeth. 

The POH toothbrush is designed so you control it, and not the other way around.

These toothbrushes differ from regular ones in other ways too - the bristles are more spaced out and there are fewer bristles in the brush head.

The bristles are very thin with carefully polished, smooth, rounded tips.

This makes them soft and gentle, compared to other toothbrushes.

What Dr. Bass found was most toothbrushes had too many bristles to effectively wiggle between the teeth and down into the gum line.  

So, he created a brush with much fewer bristles to be able to get down where the bad bugs thrive, to disrupt and remove the bacteria.

The same is true today as most conventional toothbrushes have too many bristles to effectively use the Bass brushing technique.

See the photos on the left to compare the rounded bristle tips of the POH toothbrush and the jagged, roughly-cut tips of many other toothbrush bristles.

Various colours are available and if you order more than one brush you'll be sent an assortment - stock permitting.

 #1 Adult: 3 row 18 tuft staggered bristle.  Designed for teeth that have deep grooves in molars. The widely-spaced bristle tufts allow effective cleaning in hard-to-reach spaces.

#3 Adult:  3 row regular bristle.  Based on the original design by Charles C. Bass, M.D.  An  all-round excellent toothbrush to suit most users.

#4 Adult: 4 row 43 tuft bristle.  A transitional brush for people accustomed to using a hard bristle brush. Tightly spaced tufts feel firm, but are made with soft bristles, ideal for those who like the sensation of the hard toothbrush they have been using. The bristle tufts are laid out in a densely packed design, allowing little or no bending of individual filaments which provides the firmer feel, but with soft, end rounded polished bristle tips.

#5 Adult: 4 row 43 tuft bristle.  This brush is supersoft as it has a filament of 0.005" nylon, not the 0.007" of the other brushes.  This makes it even gentler on gums and enamel for those with periodontal disease.

#7 Adult:  3 row 29 tuft bristle.  The bristles in this brush feel less firm than the #4 toothbrush by using fewer rows of bristles and tufts, but still delivers optimum cleaning. 

#8 Junior:  3 Row 24 tuft bristle.  A shorter handle and head, designed for smaller mouths. Suitable for ages twelve months and up. Just what children need to start them off on the right track.

For a battery-operated version designed on Bass principles check out the Oobrush here

Postage cost is £1.50 for 1 - 6 toothbrushes.  

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