ABSOLUTELY PURE Microfibre Cloth

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Soft as velvet with tiny fibres that have the amazing ability to absorb oils and dirt while reducing bacteria by 99%.

They are positively-charged due to the open spaces in the fibres which attract negatively-charged dirt like a magnet.  

The benefits:

No cleansing product necessary, but can also be used with your favourite cleanser.

Will remove all make up (even mascara) with just warm water.

Gently exfoliates, making it ideal for those who do not respond well to scrubs, peels, or other intense exfoliation treatments.

Clears dirt and bacteria from clogged pores without disrupting the pH balance of your skin.

Great for travel, no need for make up removers, cleansers and cotton wool.

Will last for years.  Throw them in the washing machine for easy cleaning, do not use fabric softener though.