Absolutely Pure Hair Fixatif 150ml

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Absolutely Pure Hair Fixatif  performs as well as traditional hairspray while being 100% natural.

Not only does the formula help your favourite looks stay gorgeous all day, but it also contains ingredients that promote healthy hair, such as vitamin B5 and vitamin E.

Unlike other hair sprays, Hair Fixatif won't leave your hair feeling brittle or looking flaky or crispy, as the natural formulation is enriched with moisturisers, including luxurious jojoba oil and glycerine.

It can be used on wet and dry hair:  

Spritz on before blow-drying for a voluminous, thickening effect and use afterwards to keep your style in place.

Aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, panthenol, vitamin B5, vitamin E, flax seed, witch hazel, grapefruit seed extract, bergamot, sandalwood, jojoba oil, less than 0.1% grain alcohol.


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