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excellent really works

This is to help my aching joints so will update with more news as I progress with use

Love this!

Love the feel of this - really light on my skin and works great.

Early days

I have only been using this product for a week but so far all good. My skin feels soft and nourished and so far no signs of any sensitivity. If this continues - will definitely be ordering again.

Lamb Liver

Great product - I have no doubt about the quality. You won't get better than Grassfed Icelandic Lambs. Have tried opening tablets and adding to food and there is no unpleasant taste or smell (very light taste only) which proves product quality and freshness. Only downside is that the price is quite high for the number of capsules provided, considering liver is classed as offal.

Pure Natura does produce top quality food supplements, but unfortunately labour and transport costs are high in Iceland which is reflected in the price of the products.

Very pleased with toothbrushes. Am now on my second order.


Easy to use & very little taste that is easily disguised.

No taste & so easy

Haven't been taking it long enough to notice a difference but I have heard so much about the need for collagen & amino acids for good health. The powder is totally tasteless to me & it's so easy to add into drinks, so I intend to take this product long term, I really appreciate all the research Sophie does and totally trust this product is from a good source which is so important - thank you!

Perfect set of products

These products are fab, my skin seems to absorb them really well & I can finally see my skin showing nourishment, its much more supple & glowing. I think my skin is really benefiting from each step in the set so I recommend trying them all together. The skin food has made the skin around my eyes feel like velvet! Really wow product.


This oil is exactly what my skin has needed for a long time. I use it after the Skin Drink, I use extra oil around my mouth & it's totally cleared my cracked skin around my mouth, its helped reduce my acne which was worsened by my skin being hard & dry. This oil is now my daily morning moisturiser

Good coverage

Good coverage, nice thick consistency but still able to blend & smooth out where I don't need such coverage. Not easy to get the right shade but buying the testers help

Very pleased

I'm very pleased with the toothbrushes. I had previously been using bamboo toothbrushes and it's just a shame these are plastic. Nevertheless they are as described and good quality. Service was also excellent 5 stars. They were dispatched very quickly. I shall definitely be a returning customer.

Yes I agree it is a shame they are made of plastic and I would change that if I could, but it's not currently viable.
Lovely Products

Loved the organic skin care range from Absolutely Pure - definitely noticed a big difference in skin tone and improved my problem skin. Will be purchasing more, without a doubt!

The Problem with Absolutely Pure...

My first purchase (sceptically) was the face oil. I don't usually like face oils because I always found them too greasy. Absolutely Pure's face oil was perfect...a wonderful find! So I started to gradually use more of the products - the cleansing oil = WOW, then the organic skin drink = FABULOUS, then the hair fixative = SUPERB. Someone would think I had enough of the products from this site ... but wait ... I didn't realise I missed the skin food! Just started using the skin food = UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! The problem with Absolutely Pure is that I can't stay away from this website. IMPORTANT UPDATE: I am once again on this site, purchasing for family and friends... :-O Thank you Absolutely Pure! ... I think ;-)


It is pretty effective in cleaning the space close to your gums if you are gentle enough as it is a medium (not soft) brush.

Return to good oral health.

Great product. Hadn't used it for a few weeks because I needed to reorder, but I certainly notice a difference in the way my mouth feels when I'm not using it. My teeth are squeaky clean again now, my gums are pink, my tongue is clear and my teeth have lost their sensitivity. The last time I went to the dentist he didn't even recommend oral hygiene!

Good prompt service.

Things are getting out of control

OK ... first I bought the face oil and thought O.M.G. I then decided to purchase the sample trio and thought - the best EVER. Now I just received (and tried) the hair fixative - I am officially addicted to all products labelled Absolutely Pure and will be purchasing from this site again!

The Perfect Little Purchase

After purchasing the face oil (lush is the word that comes to mind) I decided to give some of the other products a try. The sample trio presented the perfect way to test the other items in the Absolutely Pure range. I expected the products to be good but they were not just good - they were the best I have used to date. The combination of these products work amazingly well on my sensitive skin... finally, finally, f.i.n.a.l.l.y - products that actually work. Absolutely Pure, keep creating your fantastic products ... you have a new fan!

This works!

I am surprised by how quickly this supplement has worked to address my dwindling energy levels, digestive issues, skin complaints and a number of other unexplained ailments I have had for years. Excellent product. Customer service was superb as well. Needless to say, I will not be buying this from Amazon anymore!

Highly recommended

I have just purchased these liver capsules for the second time. At first I only took half the recommended dose, as I am suffering with a mild histamine intolerance. But I'm happy to say they work fine for me, and they seem to be giving me more energy and better sleep. I will keep reordering.

Super stuff

This is Great, it really does work, I've been using it for a year now.

The best face oil EVER!

I have always been sceptical about face oils on my skin... too greasy, too heavy, caused breakouts, smelt unpleasant - the list goes on. I decided to stick with my face cream but then I discovered Absolutely Pure face oil. I was blown away at how amazing this oil has been (and continues to be) on my skin. I no longer experience any of the above problems and I have kissed my usual face creams good bye. This face oil is all I use (and need)... my skin literally drinks this stuff - I can't recommend it enough! Thank you Absolutely Pure - for making such a fantastic product that really is - Absolutely Pure! I will be purchasing other products from you in the future.

Great product

I've been struggling with bleeding gums for a while and using this for just over 10 days has already reduced this. I'm using it on my floss, in water as mouthwash and rubbing directly onto gums occasionally. Bought two bottled and hoping bleeding stops completely soon!

Great tooth powder


Liver caps

All good. Quick delivery. High quality product.