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Good delivery and hopefully good product too!

I bought them first time for my 3.5 years old boy who has iron deficiency low ferritin. I hope those capsules will help him as I wanted to avoid pharmaceutical synthetic iron which doctors prescribed. That why I have chosen this product as it states as fed grass cows without any nasty antibiotic.Nowdays is hard to trust any company but I hope I made right choice and pick best one.

Excellent product

I feel so much better for taking the capsules already and they make getting liver into my diet so easy.

I really like it!

Only 4, because I would think even more of it if it was biodegradable...
it really massages the gums.


I have tried many different products and so far this one works really great for me. It's fresh and I really feel like my mouth is clean and healthy. Lives up to my expectations!

Love it

I love this product. Ordered it as the sample to try before investing in the bigger sizes. I will be using this product moving forward as I love it. The best thing also is they may call this a sample pack but what a great gift idea and extremly affordable. I would so recommend this to everyone. Thank you

top quality

simply the best.

Good delivery and product

Satisfied customer

Excellent product feel the difference already

I’ve been looking everywhere for good quality liver pills as I can’t stomach the taste. These are excellent and I can notice the difference in my skin, energy levels and sleep already. Will buy again.

Wow so much bigger than I thought it would be

This product is amazing and there was a lot more in it than I was expecting. It's so good to find a product like this that is truly grass fed.
It has no taste which is another plus point xx

Desiccated Liver Capsules

High Quality! Boosts energy with no side effects. Very good service, too!

Unique product

I am so pleased this product exists. There are many tallow based products in the US, but I think this is the only one in the UK. I am very keen to reduce PUFAs in my diet- so why not do that in my skincare as well!
I love the fact that you can get this in both unscented and rose geranium. I use the unscented on my face and the rose geranium on my hands.
The reason I have only scored it with 4* on this occasion is because the formula has changed and is slightly more oily.
While this is easier to get out of the jar, I don't like the consistency as much on my skin. I find it doesn't absorb quite as well.
Full disclosure - I have contacted Sophie about this, and she explained that the new formula is gluten free and even lower in PUFAs, which I applaud - I just don't like it quite as much.
I know we aren't meant to comment on customer service, but I must praise Sophie on her fast and accommodating response to my query about purchasing the old formula.


great item super fast delivery bought a few times now will be back again

Repeat Bass Toothbrushes order

This is my second order for these brushes. I have braces at the moment in preparation for having eight tooth implants and it is VITAL I keep my gums in perfect condition. I have stopped using my sonic toothbrush for the moment as its not advisable to use with braces - and have found these Bass toothbrushes perfect. You really feel they are, gently, getting right into the gum line! Very pleased with them.


Excellent product. I have been trying to source Collagen Hydrolysate in the UK for over a year. So happy to have found you! Thank you!


I was looking for a natural moisturiser and this fits the bill- my skin is softer and more luminous, and hasn’t caused any breakouts. So very pleased.

Great product

Back ordered and was shipped not long after. Great product and cheapest price I found in the UK. Will repurchase

So far so good

Been using this item for a couple of weeks and I like the feel of it on my gums. Nice and gentle.

Good quality simple skincare

I have been using skindrink and skinfood since one week, my skin seems happy. I particularly like the smell of skindrink.

Perfect Dessicated Liver Capsules

Having had problems taking B12 I was recommended these capsules by a friend. I would highly recommend these to anyone, feeling much more energised and I’ve had no adverse reactions.

Perfect Desiccated Liver Capsules

Superb quality, wouldn’t use anything else for my family! Great product.

Best deodorant ever!

Tried this for the first time this week and it really seems to work. I’ve tried other natural ones from various places but they just don’t cut it. This one even keeps working after exercise.
Thank you soooo much.

Very clean feeling teeth

Stopped using fluoride toothpaste for health reasons about 6 months ago, but noticed that my teeth didn't feel very clean with natural toothpaste I was using. Also, have had gum recession for years, worse with menopause, and wanted to do as much as possible to prevent progression. Did some research and decided to try Bass brushing and Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend. Only a couple of weeks, my teeth feel perfectly clean (I also gently brush mineralizing powder on teeth after using Oil Blend, but not Bass brushing it into gums as gritty). My gums so far seem to be looking healthier, will take some time to fully evaluate gums. Teeth doing great. Happy with purchase, will certainly continue using. For info, seems very important not to use much pressure when Bass brushing, there are videos you can watch on Orawellness website.

Vitamin D3 drops

Pleased with my vitamin d3 drops, much better than tablets and I’m sure my body can absorb them quicker.

Great toothbrush

I have periodontal disease and my dentist recommended the bass technique. I did this with my regular toothbrush and severely aggravated my gums, losing a little gum tissue. I did some research and found this brush. My gums are no longer red and irritated after brushing. Some people have commented on the size of the brush but I have a small mouth and I don’t struggle with the size of it at all. I highly recommend this if you are using the bass technique.

The BEST purchase I’ve ever made for my gums

I have periodontal disease so my gums are incredibly sore and bleed. Within 24 hours of brushing and flossing with this the pain reduced significantly and 3 days later, after rubbing it neat onto my gums, it has gone. I simply can’t believe it! It is quite a strong flavour but you soon get used to it and I actually like the flavour now! Cannot recommend enough. If only dentists knew about this to recommend to patients. Thank you OraWellness, you geniuses!