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I was looking for a natural moisturiser and this fits the bill- my skin is softer and more luminous, and hasn’t caused any breakouts. So very pleased.

Great product

Back ordered and was shipped not long after. Great product and cheapest price I found in the UK. Will repurchase

So far so good

Been using this item for a couple of weeks and I like the feel of it on my gums. Nice and gentle.

Good quality simple skincare

I have been using skindrink and skinfood since one week, my skin seems happy. I particularly like the smell of skindrink.

Perfect Dessicated Liver Capsules

Having had problems taking B12 I was recommended these capsules by a friend. I would highly recommend these to anyone, feeling much more energised and I’ve had no adverse reactions.

Perfect Desiccated Liver Capsules

Superb quality, wouldn’t use anything else for my family! Great product.

Best deodorant ever!

Tried this for the first time this week and it really seems to work. I’ve tried other natural ones from various places but they just don’t cut it. This one even keeps working after exercise.
Thank you soooo much.

Very clean feeling teeth

Stopped using fluoride toothpaste for health reasons about 6 months ago, but noticed that my teeth didn't feel very clean with natural toothpaste I was using. Also, have had gum recession for years, worse with menopause, and wanted to do as much as possible to prevent progression. Did some research and decided to try Bass brushing and Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend. Only a couple of weeks, my teeth feel perfectly clean (I also gently brush mineralizing powder on teeth after using Oil Blend, but not Bass brushing it into gums as gritty). My gums so far seem to be looking healthier, will take some time to fully evaluate gums. Teeth doing great. Happy with purchase, will certainly continue using. For info, seems very important not to use much pressure when Bass brushing, there are videos you can watch on Orawellness website.

Vitamin D3 drops

Pleased with my vitamin d3 drops, much better than tablets and I’m sure my body can absorb them quicker.

Great toothbrush

I have periodontal disease and my dentist recommended the bass technique. I did this with my regular toothbrush and severely aggravated my gums, losing a little gum tissue. I did some research and found this brush. My gums are no longer red and irritated after brushing. Some people have commented on the size of the brush but I have a small mouth and I don’t struggle with the size of it at all. I highly recommend this if you are using the bass technique.

The BEST purchase I’ve ever made for my gums

I have periodontal disease so my gums are incredibly sore and bleed. Within 24 hours of brushing and flossing with this the pain reduced significantly and 3 days later, after rubbing it neat onto my gums, it has gone. I simply can’t believe it! It is quite a strong flavour but you soon get used to it and I actually like the flavour now! Cannot recommend enough. If only dentists knew about this to recommend to patients. Thank you OraWellness, you geniuses!

Mag oil

This is easy to use and seems to be working.


I love this toothbrush. Even better than my electric.

Lovely on the skin

This new product has the heavenly orange oil in it so smells divine - my partner said I smelt like a Satsuma !:) As with the other moisturising products, it has a lovely silky feel and very softening. Really like what I see. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star was that it melts and turns to liquid in my cupboard so I have to keep it in the fridge, which makes it a little harder to use then but otherwise would highly recommend.

This is a characteristic of pure coconut oil - it will melt at a temperature of 76 °F/ 24 °C and above and will harden when cooler.
Great tooth powder

I'm really enjoying this tooth powder. It has a really fine particle size and nice minty taste. My teeth seem whiter and smoother, and I'm hopeful that they will remineralize with time. So far so good!

Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder 60g from Absolutely Pure

It's like a touch of nature in your mouth.
Great product made of nature ...
Thanks a lot ...

Incredible product

Organic Skin Food is an incredible product. It is very different from any skin cream I have ever used before as it really sinks into the skin and moisturises it so that you can longer feel it at all on your skin. This is very different from most creams which tend to just 'sit' on the skin surface.
It is also an extremely gentle product and because it only contains natural and organic ingredients you know it is very nourishing for your skin. I also found it very helpful when my skin was a bit inflamed and sensitive. I also really like the values and ethics of this company. I wish more were like it!


Fantastic product. A little goes a long way. Will last a long time. Very smooth. Good for dry skin. Will definitely get more of this.

ORAWELLNESS Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder

The powder gives a nice feeling of freshness. I started using it recently. Some time is neded to see what the long term effects are. Thanks for this product, I like it very much, also the videos that you posted are giving a lot of knowledge.

healthy mouthy blend

Love this oil really does make your mouth feel fresh.
Iv got the whole family using it too!

Early days yet but hope it helps with gum recession too.

Bass brush

We really like these new brushes they really do get in between the teeth and gums.


HEALTH LEADS Turmeric Plus 90 Capsules

Great quality product!

After years of chronic B12 anemia, I've finally found a product that helps me! Since starting these pills I've seen remarkable improvements in my health. No bad smell or taste. Thank you!


fantastic product. Simple to use. Really gets rid of the grease and grime. Would definitely buy again.

Healthy mouth blend

Very strong and I feel like i am properly nourishing teeth with this oil blend. Practically it is great to have around when out and about for after eating

Organic skin food is heavenly!

I have been using Organic Skin Food for a couple of years and am still completely in love with it! I used it on its own to begin with but it was suggested to use the Skin Drink before applying and I definitely recommend to do this. I never have bad skin anymore, it still feels amazing when I put it on, I have tested others when caught short without it and nothing feels anywhere near as good, I tell everyone about my favourite face balm!
Recently I have tried it on my daughters small patches of eczema which has been soothing it nicely. So I`m very happy with finding another benefit.

Pure Delight!

Wonderful skin product which leaves the skin very soft without a greasy residue. I particularly like the fact that it can be used for both day and night and the eye area, saving on packing space for holidays. It also makes a great base for mineral powder foundation.

Skin Food

Makes my skin amazingly soft. Great product. There needs to be a large version for the body.

Bass toothbrush

Fantastic toothbrush!! Wish I'd known about these years ago - works so much better than the regular ones!

Great Product! Highly recommend

The whole family use Orawellness Healthy Mouth Blend - 2 adults and 2 young children. Our son was having problems with one of his teeth. So I did some research online and found this. It has really helped turned things around, together with remineralising toothpaste and supplements. It tastes nice too, and it's organic.

A M A Z I N G Darling

Having suffered with dry skin all my life and having spent an absolute fortune on body and face creams- this is the most perfect product for my skin. It is so easy to use with the skin drink, I love it love it love it.
I purchased a sample set for a friends son who suffers with terrible eczema especially on his face and eyes. I am certain this cream will be the one that changes his life. Thank you Absolutely Pure.

Gorgeous Stuff

Of all the face products, I love this the most, firstly because its heavenly orange smell. Secondly, following the instructions, it does say you can actually leave this cleansing oil on, which every other day I do.

Its like silk, amazing, plus surprisingly as you might expect leaving "oil" on your face, it does not bring you out in spots.

Just ordered my second batch of the three skin products, can't recommend enough.

Good but a bit on the strong side for me.

This oil is a bit strong for me, but using just one or two drops it leaves the mouth feeling fresh. When put on floss it work great but irritates a bit in the angle of the mouth, the teeth feel good though.

Good bristles

Great bristles for massageing your gums. Handle shorter than usual, but that limits the pressure you put on your gums. I like it alot and will keep buying it in the future.

Woman on a mission

Collagen is an odd addition to my mostly vegetarian diet, but this product slips easily into my buttery cocoa, and should provide much-needed additional nutrients. This isn't something I'd want to buy from an anonymous source, due to ethical and purity/quality considerations. The only guarantee I do have of those is the information presented on Sophie's website, but that information, and the personal story behind the products, rings true, so I'm willing to trust the work that she has put into sourcing them. Certainly tastes good - this is my second order.

Like silk on your skin

I have been using this now for 3 months and its beautiful. I had some mild concerns that the richness of the ingredients might bring me out in spots, even for a short period, but not a single reaction to this stuff. A tiny spot goes a very long way. It smells lovely and is very light and glides onto the skin. I am just about to place an order for the next lot. After using Liz Earle products for about 3 years now, I have officially stopped using them for this.

A natural mouthwash

The blend gives a strong fresh taste. I feel its good impact on my gums.

Wellbeing for your Mouth

A caring way to start your day with this superior mouth product.

Good Quality Skincare

Have only been using this product a week but have noticed a difference. Like the use of tallow as it was wisely used as a traditional dry skin treatment. Also you don't need to apply much, a little goes a long way. Would recommend it.


BASS Toothbrush

Fantastic Face Cream

I've started using this cream just recently but it is the best cream I've tried!
I have very dry skin and it feels like silk when you put it on.
It's my new favourite thing.

HealThy Mouth Blend

Have been using this product for a week now since having a wisdom tooth extracted. My dentist said the site has healed very well. It is pleasant and easy to use as a mouthwash or directly on my gums. Have just started dental implant treatment and am hoping that this product will help. Will be reordering.

Bass toothbrush

Very easy to use, early days but so far so good!

Uplifting natural products

I bought the trial size set so I could try the skin food. It is a lovely texture and feels very nice on my skin. Plus it smells fine, unlike some tallow based products I've had in the past (I bought the unscented). But the real surprise was the skin drink which is just wonderful! It smells gorgeous and feels fantastic on my skin. I put it on under skin food and my skin feels moisturised and refreshed.

OK Flavour

Slightly weird flavour. Bought it due to it being glycerine free. I think I'll order mint the next time and see. I miss the freshness after brushing and the stevia makes it too sweet for my personal taste.

Lovely light spray

I use this first as a base before I put the on the skin food, as with all products in this range it smells delicious, it goes a long way and is a pleasure to use. I sometimes use it just as a spriz to freshen up inbetween times.

Highly recommend this product and am about to re-order my next batch.

The only site that seems to sell these excellent brushes in the UK

As a convert to the Bass system of brushing I am pleased to have found a UK supplier of the brushes these seem very good quality

Great toothpaste

My favourite natural toothpaste, which unusually is also free from glycerine. Leaves teeth feeling very clean and tastes great.

Good product

Have started using this when cleaning my teeth. Mouth feels clean and soreness is less. I am dealing with serious gum problems and I think it is helping.

excellent product

excellent at increasing energy levels