Skin Food is hand-crafted with tallow from ethically-farmed, grass-fed cattle because its vitamins and lipids make it uniquely skin-compatible, which means it has superior moisturising properties that nourish your skin and improve hydration - and its low polyunsaturated fat (PUFA) content reduces your risk of developing liver spots and premature wrinkles.

Absolutely Pure features a small range of carefully selected Paleo-friendly, natural products that are low in PUFA, contain no water, emulsifiers, preservatives, artificial fragrances, synthetic colours - or any other nasties that can stress and prematurely age your skin.

"The polyunsaturated oils from seeds are recommended for use in paints and varnishes, but skin contact with these substances should be avoided.  Consumption of unsaturated fat has been associated with both skin aging and with the sensitivity of the skin to ultraviolet damage."  Ray Peat PhD