Organic Skin Food FAQ

Two very good reasons. 

1) It’s a Paleo-friendly, traditional skin-care ingredient, the use of which dates back centuries.

2) It’s great for your skin!

Grass-fed beef tallow is naturally high in the same lipids as our own skin, making it the perfect product to nourish and replenish our skin’s natural resources.

As well as having similar levels of saturated fat to human skin cells, making it uniquely biologically compatible with our skin, tallow contains the essential vitamins A, D, E and K as well as the powerful anti-inflammatory CLA - conjugated linoleic acid.

It can benefit all skin types, but it's especially good for dry skin because of its ability to slow down transdermal water loss.


Because Skin Food works to replenish your skin’s own lipids and nutrients, they are suitable for all skin types. 


People with oily skin might like to combine Skin Food with a spritz of Organic Skin Drink either before or after application. 


Those with very dry skin may find using Skin Food on its own produces the best results. 


Having the water element separate allows you to customise it to your skin's daily needs - some days it may feel drier than others and so you can adjust the amounts accordingly.

This is a fallacy. Linoleic oils. are very popular in skincare circles but people are misinformed about how they "work". It's not because they're correcting an "omega deficiency" - it's because they thin out the sebum so it flows out of pores more easily, which is why some people recommend them for acne, but ultimately they will age the skin.

Yes.  Ethical and sustainable too.  My tallow comes from cattle that are pasture-raised on a farm that has high animal welfare standards. I am a believer in the "Nose to Tail" philosophy of using the whole animal, not just the meat, but the bones and fat which is why I make Skin Food and sell collagen hydrolysate too.

There is no need to test food-grade products on animals, just willing humans. I find the very idea of testing cosmetics on animals totally abhorrent and I'm glad it was banned in the UK back in 2013.

Water is an innocuous ingredient on its own, but many commercial beauty companies use it as a cheap way to bulk up their products without actually making them any more effective.

The problem with that is that water must be bound with oil by an emulsifier, and consequently preservatives, pH adjusters, yeast inhibitors, anti-fungals etc. - and many emulsifiers are actively harmful to your skin.

All of the above are absolutely vital when making an oil and water product, but if water isn't used there's no need for these extra ingredients that can further stress already delicate skin.

Skin care products that contain water also contain emulsifiers, which are used to bind the water, oils, and other ingredients together to make a cream or lotion.

The problem with emulsifiers is that most of them are soap-based, and soap is harsh on your skin, stripping out its natural oils (sapienic acid) to leave it feeling dry and taut.

You may have experienced this feeling yourself after washing your face with soap.

Because Skin Food is 100% waterless, it’s also emulsifier free.

This means that it will nourish your skin rather than damage it.


Skin Food's use of tallow from grass-fed cows was made with Paleo principles in mind and contains 100% natural ingredients that complement primal, paleo, ancestral, traditional, organic, natural and healthy lifestyles.


All of my skin care products are hand-crafted from natural ingredients.

I can’t guarantee that they’ll taste very nice - they’re meant for your skin, not your mouth, after all - but the quality of the food-grade ingredients and the fat ratios make them good enough to eat.

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