Natural Deodorant Balm 60ml

Natural Deodorant Balm 60ml




  • SAFE. SIMPLE. EFFECTIVE. NATURAL DEODORANT BALM - A gentle yet powerful aluminium-free natural charcoal deodorant packed with non-irritating, natural odour neutralisers and conditioners for a healthy, clean feel without harsh chemicals.
  • LONG LASTING DAILY PROTECTION - Provides long-lasting daily odour defence to help keep you feeling dry, smelling good and comfortable all day without interfering with the natural perspiration process of your body. 
  • Expertly formulated in the UK with activated charcoal to help absorb sweat and neutralise body odour.
  • Forget roll-on deodorants packed with chemicals and try our natural deodorant balm to see the results for yourself.
  • Maximum protection women and men.
  • A 60ml jar last up to 3 months for one person, great value for your money compared to traditional deodorant.


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