Mood Shots 4.8ml

Mood Shots 4.8ml
Mood Shots 4.8mlMood Shots 4.8mlMood Shots 4.8ml




Create your own personal sanctuary wherever you are with Aromatherapy Mood Shots.

These powerful little mood-boosters contain pure essential oils in a base of low pufa fractionated coconut oil, blended and ready to use.

Handbag friendly, elegant and easy to apply, each one is topped with a glide-on roller ball and comes with a drawstring pouch for travel.

Portable. Powerful. Personal.



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The Little Box Of Calm contains one each of Breathing Space, Sweet Comfort and Midnight Calm. Perfect for mixing and matching to your mood and the time of day.

The Collection includes all four blends.


Breathing Space

Feeling frazzled, stressed out and overcrowded? You need a moment of mindfulness to pause the cyclone of stress. This deeply peaceful, meditative aroma will steady your mind. The key notes of frankincense, vetiver and bergamot will induce calm at any time of day or night.


Morning Mojo

Procrastinating and can’t get going? Kick-start your inner fire and go get your mojo back. This energising motivator loaded with positivity is perfect for defeating overwhelm. This get-up-and-go fragrance with a real zing of brightness, energy and warmth will energise and motivate you in the morning and afternoon with its keynotes of jasmine, ginger and lime.


Midnight Calm

For the most restful sleep, you must first quieten your mind. A night-time ritual to help relax both body and mind. A tangibly deep and earthy aroma with that peaceful sense of heavy eyelids about it. Fall asleep with this relaxing blend of valerian root, chamomile and lavender


Sweet Comfort

This is for all those hardworking and selfless women who sometimes feel tired and dragged down by life and work. A kind and comforting blend with a joyous heart. Uplift and soothe yourself with this blend of neroli, damask rose and benzoin that creates a very pretty, sweet floral perfume with a warm and happy vibe for use anytime you need a little nurturing self-care.

Fractionated coconut oil and essential oils. Hand blended in small batches in the UK using only the finest grade essential oils that are ethically sourced

The Ritual:


For a moment of mindfulness on-the-go, stop whatever you are doing. Roll your blend onto the back of your hands, neck and wrists.

Breathe in slowly and deeply, inhaling the aroma through your nose.

HOLD. Gather your intent. Sense the fragrance.

Then actively and slowly breathe all the way out through your nose, keeping your mouth closed.

Repeat 3 times.

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