Fitt Gym

Fitt Gym
  • Full body fitness: effective cardio, strength and flexibility training all with one collapsible home trainer. Two angles of use – Flat or incline – simply by attaching or removing the incline leg
  • All-round results: sculpt, tone and define your body from head to toe in the comfort of your home. Uses just your own bodyweight for resistance, perfect for virtually any age or fitness level
  • Three-in-one: combines a bodyweight gym, ab trainer and Pilates reformer all in one machine for incredible versatility
  • Unique design for ultimate variety: almost limitless exercise options to keep your workouts fun and fresh every time. Patent-pending quad pad system can be fixed in multiple positions to target different muscle groups
  • Heavy-duty construction: made with gym-quality steel, fit gym comes almost fully assembled. Can be collapsed down to just 30cm High for easy storage under the bed, against the wall or in a cupboard



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