Escape Aromatherapy Balm 5g

Escape Aromatherapy Balm 5g



  • PROMOTES PEACE & TRANQUILITY : Ideal Meditation Aid for those who find it difficult to transition from doing 'what you have to do' to  'what you want to do'. This is 'Me Time' in a tube. Perfect accompaniment for Yoga, Holidays & Vacations or a good book!
  • EXPERTLY BLENDED ESCAPE AROMATHERAPY BALM: Premium quality blend of Sandalwood, Oud, Cedarwood, Rose, Birch, Clove and Cinnamon with the warming scent of Frankincense, Amber and Vanilla Essential Oils, in an ALL-NATURAL Shea Butter, Moringa and Bees Wax based balm.
  • Non-greasy, non-drip and non-leak travel-friendly portable balm.  Apply the Escape Balm to your pulse points whenever you need to invoke feelings of peace, tranquility and grounding. 
  • AWARD WINNING Daily Wellbeing Ritual: ESCAPE is one of Scentered's 6 Award Winning Portable Aromatherapy Blends which have been created to be used together as a complete daily wellbeing ritual. 



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