We're on a mission to give everyone the opportunity to soak in the sea and experience the many benefits the ocean can have on you and your skin, with no beach access required.

Our goal has always been to create simple, small-batch recipes that are clean, cruelty-free, effective and environmentally-friendly. We aim to produce skincare products that responsibly harness one of the most sustainable, beneficial and abundantly available natural ingredients on the planet for skin care; seaweeds. Through the adoption and implementation of sustainable harvesting practices, we strive to yield wholesome skincare formulas laden with raw actives in their purest (and most potent) form.

Slowly extracted and carefully handled to preserve maximum mineral content, these ingredients are naturally and intuitively aligned with the environment. We invite you to immerse yourself in the maritime magic of our sea-sourced products proven to accelerate rejuvenation, regeneration and repair. We believe it takes a village to protect our planet. This is why we have taken extra measures to reduce our carbon footprint and foster a more balanced relationship between nature and consumerism.

By packaging our products in recyclable glass and bamboo containers, and giving back to non-profit organizations dedicated to ocean conservation efforts, we hope to make the world at large a better place for humans, plant life and animal friends.

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