Recommended use: 1 - 3 scoops per day.  Start with 1/2 - 1 scoop per day and slowly increase every few weeks as tolerated. 

It’s best to take collagen in the morning when your stomach is empty, before bed, or a few hours after eating a meal, as it’s important to bypass the digestive system.

You need the collagen to be in your bloodstream in its present form, not mixed in with food for breakdown by stomach acid during digestion. 

Approximately 66 servings per 1kg pouch.  15g scoop included.

  • Collagen hydrolysate is also known as hydrolysed collagen and collagen protein peptides.
  • High-purity, naturally bio-active product providing an easy way to increase protein intake and provide your body with 19 of the amino acids essential for healthy skin, hair, nails, joints and gut function.

  • Sourced from European cattle and manufactured with state of the art techniques to help preserve the essential amino acids and ensure maximum absorption of the protein peptides. 
  • Kosher and Halal.

Production of collagen slows as we age, and a dietary supplement can help with: 

  • Skin strength, healing and elasticity
  • Healthy cell formation
  • Strengthening hair and nails
  • Cohesion and regeneration of tendons, cartilage, bones and joints
  • Optimal joint mobility and organ function
  • Bone density
  • Muscle and blood vessel strength
  • Re-balancing thyroid-suppressing proteins
  • Restoring metabolism and blood sugar stability
  • Promoting deeper and more restful sleep

Most collagen powders consist of type 1 or 3 or a combination of both, but which one is not important because they are all broken down into pure protein during processing, so when you ingest collagen, you are ingesting amino acids that help rebuild all of your own collagen, not just type 1, 2 or 3, but every type.


I have spoken to many collagen suppliers in several countries and each one of them has stated that it is not possible to verify what percentage of the cattle's feed was grass or how long they spent in pasture, if at all.

There are no specific laws governing these terms and no independent body that regulates or verifies these claims, so anyone can state pasture-raised/grass-fed on their labels, but they are pretty meaningless and just marketing hype.

There would be no extra benefit to pasture-raised/grass-fed collagen anyway as it consists of only pure protein and does not contain the macro-nutrients that are found in muscle meat, organs and glands.

The most important thing is that the bovine skins used to produce bovine collagen come from animals certified as fit for human consumption by ante and post-mortem veterinarian inspection and meet all EU regulations.



No collagen powder (bovine, porcine or marine) is eligible for organic status due to the processing it undergoes, so if you see it stated on any product know that it's just marketing hype.

Antibiotics are not routinely used and the collagen is tested twice a year in order to confirm the absence of the major families of antibiotics: avermectin, erythromycin, virginiamycin, benzimidazole; quinolones and fluoroquinolones; nitrofuran and its metabolites; sulphonamide and tetracycline.



What makes the collagen halal is not the method of cattle slaughter, but the principle of Istihalah:  If a prohibited food undergoes a transformation that changes its properties or attributes to the point that it becomes a different product, it is no longer forbidden.

In Islam, a prophetic tradition (hadith) prescribes that generally things are divisible into three categories; the lawful (halal), the unlawful (haram) and the doubtful (mushtabihat).

The first Islamic principle that may change the status of something haram into halal, or filthy to pure, is known as istihalah. Literally, it means “switching over”, “substantial change”, or “transformation”.

Technically, it refers to a situation whereby “when a substance is converted into a new substance, the lawfulness of the new substance is not determined by the lawfulness of the original substance”.

Meaning, if an unlawful thing, or a prohibited food undergoes a transformation which changes its properties or attributes to the point that it becomes a different product, then it is no longer forbidden.

It has to be a substantial change, affecting properties like colour, taste and smell.

If the public can generally perceive gelatin and collagen as an entirely different substance than the animal bones or other bodily parts, then it is sufficient to conclude that istihalah has occurred.

Istihalah does not take place if the original substance is merely mixed with some other substances or if it is merely broken up into its constituents.

Basically, the original entity needs to be completely and entirely transformed to another entity and not simply mixed, broken up or changed in shape.



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Good collagen

The collagen hydrolysate seemed really good quality. Was definitely not rancid like some people have said about other collagen products. I noticed a difference in my skin whilst taking this product. I am about to order my second bag.


Really good quality! Had no problems ....


Easily dispersed in warm drinks with a little vigorous stirring. Need to stir immediately otherwise powder can clump. Almost sure this is giving me an increase in energy. Also definitely has helped my nails grow stronger after two weeks of taking daily. I split the scoop between three drinks throughout the day. Roughly a third each drink, not measured exactly. The pack appears dauntingly enormous at first. I have transferred to a smaller tub as easier to use and scoop out without losing the scoop.


Great price for such a large amount. Nice clean product. I could almost immediately feel a difference in my hair, feels a lot softer and thicker. It's too soon to say if I experience any effect on my health, especially my gut issues, which is the reason i wanted to try this. The collagen arrived very fast to Denmark, so all in all I'm very pleased!


Excellent product and great in my smoothies.


excellent really works


This is to help my aching joints so will update with more news as I progress with use


Easy to use & very little taste that is easily disguised.

No taste & so easy

Haven't been taking it long enough to notice a difference but I have heard so much about the need for collagen & amino acids for good health. The powder is totally tasteless to me & it's so easy to add into drinks, so I intend to take this product long term, I really appreciate all the research Sophie does and totally trust this product is from a good source which is so important - thank you!

Wow so much bigger than I thought it would be

This product is amazing and there was a lot more in it than I was expecting. It's so good to find a product like this that is truly grass fed.
It has no taste which is another plus point xx

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