• Calming, soothing, hydrating
  • Multi-purpose: See How To Use
  • Enables you to customise Skin Food to suit your skin's differing daily needs
  • Avoids the need for potentially irritating synthetics that are required to bind oil and water in lotions and creams


    Rose  and Orange Blossom waters have long been used in Middle Eastern cuisine, in both savoury and sweet dishes, and here the two delicate scents are combined in an inherently pH balanced blend that will soothe your skin and uplift your spirits.

    Designed to be used with Organic Skin Food as keeping the water and oil components of a product separate means there's no need for skin-irritating emulsifiers, mould inhibitors, anti-fungals, preservatives, pH adjusters etc. which can play havoc with sensitive skin.

    Moisturisers are commonly a blend of water and oils of varying proportions; creams usually include about 70% water and 15% oil, with the remaining percentage consisting of preservatives, emulsifiers and possibly some plant or other extracts.

    Thick, rich creams contain more oil, and thinner ones - lotions – contain more water and feel lighter on the skin; both are 'diluted' and cheaper to manufacture than a concentrated product.


    • Organic Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water
    • Organic Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Flower Water.


        • Seal in moisture by spritzing directly on to your face and while it's still damp apply Organic Skin Food and lightly massage in.
        • Spray on to cotton wool and wipe over your face to gently freshen whenever a full cleanse is not necessary.
        • As an instant pick me up: spritz and let it sit for a minute or so, and then blot off the excess with a tissue. Do not let it sit, as like most watery products, it will evaporate and leave skin feeling dry.
        • Help foundation spread more easily and give a sheerer, more natural finish by spritzing first, and you can dampen make up sponges and press into skin to remove excess product.
        • To set make up and remove a powdery finish mist a cloud into the air and walk through it.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Love this!

    Love the feel of this - really light on my skin and works great.

    Lovely light spray

    I use this first as a base before I put the on the skin food, as with all products in this range it smells delicious, it goes a long way and is a pleasure to use. I sometimes use it just as a spriz to freshen up inbetween times.

    Highly recommend this product and am about to re-order my next batch.


    Like the other reviewers, I found this to be the best floral water I've tried.
    I honestly wasn't expecting such a beautiful scent from such simple ingredients.
    It's very refreshing and lovely to use as a toner after cleansing, as a gentle makeup remover for eye makeup, or as a cooling facial spritz at any time of day.
    Thanks Absolutely Pure for making this beautiful product available.

    Beautifully scented and refreshing

    This Floral Water smells so beautiful and fresh- like a scented rose garden. I always look forward to spritzing a little on my face in the mornings.

    I like to blend it with a little Skin Food in the palm of my hand when moisturising each day, as it makes the Skin Food go further and makes my skin feel clean and refreshed. But it also works just as well on its own, and I frequently find myself using a spritz or two on my face and the back of my neck, especially on a hot day, just because I love the scent so much!

    simply wonderful

    The most beautiful smelling floral water I have ever come across. I look forward to using it each time. Feels great on the skin too.

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