Unlike other whitening products that can actually damage enamel, the primary intent behind OraWellness Shine is to remineralize teeth. Once lost minerals are  restored the secondary focus of Shine can be addressed; to gently encourage a brighter, whiter smile.  

How does Shine gently whiten?

Whitening teeth is risky business because most whitening products are actually bleaching agents which can cause a loss of minerals and weaken the teeth.

Researchers found that there's one ingredient - white kaolin clay - that is the most effective to whiten and clean the teeth without damaging enamel.

The good news is even staining on veneers or composite (white) fillings on front teeth can be polished whiter. These dental materials are at risk of being stained by common staining foods/drinks (coffee, tea, red wine, green smoothies, blueberries, etc).

How does Shine remineralize teeth?

Shine combines three remineralization strategies to create a unique product solution.  The reason Shine works so well is because:

  • the minerals are exactly the same as the minerals your teeth are made of
  • the minerals are in a very bio-available form; the particle size is tiny in order to be incorporated into the tiny tubule structure of your teeth
  • the formula uses a unique delivery method to bring the minerals exactly to where your teeth need support

So, one reason Shine works so well to reverse tooth decay is simply that it makes available tiny particles of the exact mineral structure your teeth are made of to rebuild and restore the minerals that have been lost.

What clinical studies say about the remineralization ability of MCHA

Shine uses a proprietary formula of natural ingredients which have extensive clinical data proving their effectiveness to repair damaged teeth and protect teeth from future damage (mineral loss).

In one study, researchers found that “enamel microhardness enhanced significantly after exposure” to the MCHA in Shine.

Another study went on to state that using MCHA “can greatly enhance remineralization and increase tooth microhardness”.

Researchers from another study even compared the remineralizing benefits to fluoride by stating, MCHA “caused remineralization comparable to a fluoride dentifrice [toothpaste], and inhibited caries[cavity] development, thus suggesting… an effective alternative to fluoride toothpaste.”

Ultimately, what all this means is the ingredients in Shine help restore strength and mineral density in areas of existing tooth decay and they help protect against future decay by inhibiting more mineral loss from your teeth.

Micro-crystalline hydroxyapatite (sourced from pure bone powder from New Zealand pasture raised cattle), non-GMO xylitol (sourced from birch trees), sodium bicarbonate, white kaolin clay, calcium lactate (non-dairy), magnesium carbonate, himalayan salt, peppermint, spearmint, menthol. (cinnamon version - cinnamon leaf oil)

Certified gluten free, soy free, dairy free, GMO free, rice free, fluoride free, SLS free, glycerin free.
Not a vegan product. Contains animal products from pasture based cattle from New Zealand.

The main ingredient that makes OraWellness Shine so effective and unique is microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, or MCHA for short.

“Microcrystalline” means that the particle size is really, really small, and that it’s in a crystal form.

Given that our teeth are living crystals, the crystalline form is perfect for our needs. The tiny size is necessary so the minerals can be used to rebuild tooth enamel.

The second half is “hydroxyapatite”. Unless you like to geek out on old dental journals, you might not know that this is the actual material our teeth are made of!


Non-GMO, birch-based Xylitol

Xylitol plays an important role in delivering the bioavailable minerals to the areas of decay.  MCHA works well by itself, but xylitol amplifies the remineralizing benefit by helping to ensure that the MCHA is delivered where it’s needed most.

To maintain the highest quality product possible, Shine uses non-GMO xylitol sourced from birch trees and produced in North America.


Calcium Lactate

We complete the trifecta of remineralizing ingredients in OraWellness Shine with calcium lactate, which enhances the remineralization effects of xylitol.

These three ingredients work in synergy, resulting in a unique formula that facilitates remineralization like no other oral hygiene product.

  • For general remineralizing support, simply apply Shine to a moistened toothbrush and brush as normal.
  • To increase whitening benefit, focus on the front teeth when first starting to brush.
  • For extra remineralizing support, swish Shine around your mouth for several minutes after brushing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good taste

I haven't used commercial toothpaste for over 10 years now, and more recently started to use a powered form (to help cut down on liquids when travelling). This toothpaste tastes quite nice and I'll probably need to give it some time to see how it has helped my teeth (if it does) as my oral care is quite high already but have the burden of younger years of neglect. I've given 4 stars because I think the price is quite expensive compared to another similar toothpaste powder that I've used (which I've had no issues with but wanted to try something else).

confidence product

This product has given me confidence in my oral routine Iwill definatly be ordering again

Quality product

This is a product that I am using for my son to remineralise his teeth and I am very happy that is natural and he can swallow it without any problems

Shine Remineralising Tooth Powder

It’s not often you can find a good product for your teeth with natural ingredients straight from Mother Nature. This is one of them and you can feel the difference from the first brush! A nice fine powder, easy to use and leaves your mouth feeling great.

What we have all been waiting for

A product we have all been waiting for, thank you so much Sophie for selling it.
I dearly want a prduct to help me remineralise my teeth, and here it is.
I already don't use health harming commercial toothpastes and mouth washes but preferred to become
educated and aware and use dry, mindful brushing followed by coconut oil with essential oils but this
product is the icing on the cake.
I use every night and how wonderful it is to rest knowing that the Shine I have just used is remineralising my teeth
throughout the night.
This is my second order. I first found in June /July last year and I have only just run out. So is not expensive.
I even took on holiday to Switzerland with me. So easy to use, comes with a wooden spoon
to remove a little pdwr from the jar, I sprinkle this on the palm of my hand and take up with my damp toothbrush.
Excellent. I do not know what would I do without now :)

Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder from Absolutely Pure

First Class customer service, seller was very understanding and helpful and got my product in time before my holiday. I have been on holiday and now back home and I will say, the tooth powder is great, I have noticed a small difference in colour, being a smoker and my my top tooth is not as sensitive as it used to be. I am happy with it, it is a very fine powder and the minty taste leaves your mouth feel fresh. Easy to use, I will give the powder time to work it's wonders to whiter and remineralized teeth. I will definitely be buying again from Absolutely Pure, great product great outstanding customer service.

Great tooth powder


Great tooth powder

I'm really enjoying this tooth powder. It has a really fine particle size and nice minty taste. My teeth seem whiter and smoother, and I'm hopeful that they will remineralize with time. So far so good!

Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder 60g from Absolutely Pure

It's like a touch of nature in your mouth.
Great product made of nature ...
Thanks a lot ...

ORAWELLNESS Shine Remineralizing Tooth Whitening Powder

The powder gives a nice feeling of freshness. I started using it recently. Some time is neded to see what the long term effects are. Thanks for this product, I like it very much, also the videos that you posted are giving a lot of knowledge.

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