• Based on the original design by Dr. Charles C. Bass, M.D this brush has 3 rows and a total of 20 tufts and is of medium firmness to suit most users.
  • Bristles with medium firmness are more effective at disrupting bad bugs in the mouth than bristles that are too soft (soft bristles tend to just mash against the teeth and gums).
  • If a toothbrush handle is very large, then too much pressure is easily applied and has the possibility of damaging delicate gum tissue.
  • A bulky handle limits the dexterity and control required to effectively clean teeth and this toothbrush is designed so you control it, and not the other way around.
  • This toothbrush differs from regular ones in other ways too - the bristles are more spaced out and there are fewer bristles in the brush head.
  • The bristles are very thin with carefully polished, smooth, rounded tips, this makes them soft and gentle, compared to other toothbrushes.

What Dr. Bass found was most toothbrushes had too many bristles to effectively wiggle between the teeth and down into the gum line.  

So, he created a brush with much fewer bristles to be able to get down where the bad bugs thrive, to disrupt and remove the bacteria.

The same is true today as most conventional toothbrushes have too many bristles to effectively use the Bass brushing technique.

See the photos on the left to compare the rounded bristle tips of the Bass toothbrush and the jagged, roughly-cut tips of many other toothbrush bristles.

Five colours are available and you'll receive an assortment - stock permitting.

For a rechargeable electric toothbrush designed on Bass principles check out the OObrush

Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle to the tooth and gum line.

It’s almost like you aren’t “brushing” your teeth. Rather, you place the toothbrush at a spot along the gum line and gently wiggle using very small, light back-and-forth motions to get the bristles down between the teeth and under the gum line.

Count to 5, then move to the next place with your brush and repeat.


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Bass toothbrushes exactly as described

These toothbrushes are ideal for getting into the gums and I use them alongside my normal toothbrush.

absolutely great absolutely pure toothbrushes

I am so pleased with the tooth brushes and my gums stopped bleeding after a few days of using mine.


Very pleased with toothbrushes. Am now on my second order.

Very pleased

I'm very pleased with the toothbrushes. I had previously been using bamboo toothbrushes and it's just a shame these are plastic. Nevertheless they are as described and good quality. Service was also excellent 5 stars. They were dispatched very quickly. I shall definitely be a returning customer.

Yes I agree it is a shame they are made of plastic and I would change that if I could, but it's not currently viable.

It is pretty effective in cleaning the space close to your gums if you are gentle enough as it is a medium (not soft) brush.

I really like it!

Only 4, because I would think even more of it if it was biodegradable...
it really massages the gums.

I wish the brushes were biodegradable too, but currently it's not possible to get them at all unless they are made from plastic.
top quality

simply the best.

Repeat Bass Toothbrushes order

This is my second order for these brushes. I have braces at the moment in preparation for having eight tooth implants and it is VITAL I keep my gums in perfect condition. I have stopped using my sonic toothbrush for the moment as its not advisable to use with braces - and have found these Bass toothbrushes perfect. You really feel they are, gently, getting right into the gum line! Very pleased with them.

So far so good

Been using this item for a couple of weeks and I like the feel of it on my gums. Nice and gentle.

Great toothbrush

I have periodontal disease and my dentist recommended the bass technique. I did this with my regular toothbrush and severely aggravated my gums, losing a little gum tissue. I did some research and found this brush. My gums are no longer red and irritated after brushing. Some people have commented on the size of the brush but I have a small mouth and I don’t struggle with the size of it at all. I highly recommend this if you are using the bass technique.

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