All-natural, raw, freeze-dried beef organs, non-GMO, no hormones, no fillers.

Beef organ supplements for delivery to Europe can be purchased here


"I started taking this supplement a month ago along with Selenoexcell and oyster capsules for zinc and this combination with the beef liver has massively improved my restless leg syndrome that I have been suffering with for my whole pregnancy. My iron levels which were also low have improved with taking this. Fast delivery, couldn't recommend more!" Lisa


"The best quality freeze dried liver at the best price I could find in UK, been using  these guys for years.  I had an easy time with Covid and I directly attribute it to these liver capsules supplying my immune system with the nutrients required to deal with it (namely folic acid, selenium, retinol vitamin A). Not to mention this company’s emphasis on avoiding polyunsaturated  fats - these guys are at the forefront of nutrition I couldn’t speak more highly of them."  Teddy


"I have been taking Beef Thymus capsules along with Beef Liver capsules for some weeks now and feel I have better energy, sleep better and my iron levels have improved to now allow me to give blood again."  Jacqueline









"NZ beef liver is absolutely great. I have been using it alongside my body building programme, as well as helping with anemia, it keeps me feeling fit and healthy."  Nicola



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