NXGEN beef organs are raw, and freeze-dried, to preserve nutrients.

Un-defatted.  Free from gluten, fillers, binders, additives, hormones and GMOs.

Beef organs for European delivery can be purchased here



NXGEN Wholefoods

NXGEN Wholefoods was founded in 2018 to bring back to the modern world animal-based supplements, used by traditional cultures for centuries. 
We bring together nature, science and ancestral nutrition to improve and support health and wellbeing.
Know the source of your beef liver and organ meat, we can proudly say that our organic certified grass fed beef liver comes from the Lake Eyre region in Central Australia. 
Our livers and organ meats are from beef cattle, bred for high quality meat. 
Try NXGEN beef liver and beef organ capsules to see first-hand the quality.