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Acerola cherry 100% natural wholefood vitamin C with naturally occurring bioflavonoids.

More than just an aid for the common cold, vitamin C is imperative for the general health of human beings as we are primates who cannot synthesise it ourselves.

Any one who wishes to have optimal health, to remain youthful or slow the aging process must have adequate vitamin C in the diet, otherwise the metabolic processes can never function optimally.

Without adequate levels of vitamin C it is impossible for the body to restrain the oxidative burden of iron, which in turn oxidises other sensitive vitamins, fats, and enzymes, preventing necessary systems from working as they are required and thus causing metabolic degeneration.

The body can only absorb about 200-500mg of vitamin C at a time, less once saturated, which is another reason why large doses at once don't help and consistency does, so it is better to take the same amount every day than large doses occasionally. Saturation of the vitamin throughout the body is needed in order to effect its benefit, and saturation cannot occur without consistency.

"Vitamin C, along with other antioxidants in the body, facilitate higher metabolic rates. During times of stress such as winter, starvation, or even night and sleep (going for many hours without eating) the body actually sheds vitamin C in order to lower the metabolic rate (cortisol is the primary hormone which causes this). Without replenishing certain nutrients, vitamin C being most important, the metabolic rate cannot get back up to robust levels because the oxidative damage from a robust metabolic rate without sufficient antioxidants would be damaging. The body operates on this principle and so without adequate vitamin C keeps the body in a suppressed metabolic state." NATHAN HATCH

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