Raw Coconut Oil 100ml
Raw Coconut Oil 100mlRaw Coconut Oil 100mlRaw Coconut Oil 100ml

Raw Coconut Oil 100ml

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Naturally low in pufa (</> 2% PUFA) Absolutely Pure Coconut Oil is the ultimate skin care multi-purpose wonder-worker, its uses are many: cleanser, make up remover, lip, face and body moisturiser, cuticle, hair and lash treatment, deodorant, after-shave balm and essential after-sun soother.

Chock full of saturated fatty goodness and the PUFA antagonist vitamin E, it is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, deeply hydrating and is especially helpful as an after-sun soother to mitigate the effects of the interaction of UV light with stored iron, oestrogen and PUFA.

Absolutely Pure Organic Coconut Oil is food-grade, not cosmetic-grade, and has a lush, coconut aroma because it is raw and unrefined.

Please note: the essential oils blend and harmonise with the coconut aroma and do not disguise it.



Organic, raw coconut oil, organic essential oils of sweet orange, rose geranium, lavender.

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